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2. Balance of Nature

by Balance of Nature

  • Easy to Use -----7/10
  • Value -----7/10
  • Affordable -----4/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----8/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results-----8/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----8/10


  • Available Online
  • Well Known


  • Very Expensive
  • ​Large Serving Size at 6 Capsules Daily
  • ​Contains Soy
  • ​Lower Levels of Key Ingredients

Bottom Line

Balance of Nature, Fruits & Veggies takes second place in our ranking. It may be well known in the market, but it lands second on our list for several reasons.

With our research on this product, we found these important key differences from our number 1 pick.

First of all, the ingredients for both of these bottles are listed in alphabetical order. This is misleading because typically ingredients are listed in order of "amount" in the product. With the first ingredient having most and last ingredient the least. The alphabetical order is misleading because the user doesn't know how much they're actually getting of each ingredient.

Next, the serving size is insane! Users are directed to take 3 capsules of EACH bottle, DAILY! That means you are taking 6 capsules daily, from 2 different bottles!! 

When companies make fruit and vegetable supplements, you need to make sure they haven't "filled" most of the supplement with cheaper "filler" products like soy or apple fiber. Now, they state that they don't use "fillers", but that doesn't mean that they haven't used these cheaper, less nutritional ingredients to "fill" the product. Again, this is why the alphabetical order ingredient list is don't know how much of these filler ingredients are actually in the product vs the key nutritional ingredients!

Speaking of fillers, Balance of Nature has included soy in their ingredients...something we are questioning considering the fact that soy is really not the best for you! Soy would be better left out of the blend.

They have included an extensive list of "good" ingredients, but it's misleading and difficult to know what you're actually getting of each ingredient. 

Also, it is ridiculously expensive at $89.95 for a 30-day supply and NO money back guarantee, which our number 1 pick Fruits & Veggies does include (a 60 day money back guarantee, actually!) The price should reflect the quality of ingredients...and this blend is missing the potency of key ingredients that our number one pick has. 

We believe you shouldn't spend more money for a product, just because.

In our opinion, Balance of Nature falls way too short in many categories to be considered.

A "whole foods" supplement should pack a punch of quality ingredients in every serving for a reasonable price and this one falls completely short from our number 1 pick.
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