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1. Fruits & Veggies

by Earth Energy

*This Special was active as of yesterday morning. We do not have control over these specials, so grab it before its taken down.
  • Easy to Use -----10/10
  • Value -----10/10
  • Affordable -----9.6/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----10/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results -----9.6/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----9.7/10


  • Price
  • Best Results
  • ​Clean and Pure ingredients
  • ​Multiple Powerhouse Ingredients
  • ​Supports Energy
  • ​Supports Gut Health
  • ​Supports Mental Clarity
  • ​​Friendly customer service
  • 2 Capsule Serving Size


  • Only available online 
  • ​Sold out Often

Bottom Line

Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is a top product designed to fight against tiredness and to boost immunity, naturally. It ranks number one on our list for several reasons. The most notable of which is it simply over delivered in every area imaginable when compared to the other brands in comparison.   

The Special formula of Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is the real key to its results. Not just because of it's all natural ingredients, but because of its "powerhouse blend" and use of super ingredients like BeetRoots, which we have only found in this particular blend. BeetRoot is a crucial ingredient due to it's ability to deliver you a nitric oxide boost, fight inflammation, detox the body, and can even boost skin health and mood, which is what you want from a whole food supplement. The end result is - you feel instant energy, better immunity support, and even pain management compared to other brands- you actually get more good ingredients (like beetroot), but in the proper "magic blend" to actually activate the beetroot... but more on that in a second. 

Our columnist Rachel, gave Fruits & Veggies Whole Food a full go while working from home (and trying to keep active) during this crazy Pandemic and was amazed at what she was feeling (and more specifically not feeling) in only two weeks! Rachel has never been big on "miracle" products with a lot of hype around them, so that makes her words on Fruits & Veggies Whole Food that much more impressive... "I have to admit, I never thought in a million years that some capsules full of fruits & vegetables or some 'power formula' would ever do a darn thing for a problem I've had for longer than I can remember - I've never been pleased to be wrong in my entire life." 

Now, back to the formula... At first, we were skeptical with the low dosage of only 2 capsules, but the results eventually spoke for themselves. We are not here to bash any other products but the price of the other two products are just ridiculous! The "power" factor here is that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food includes Beetroot AND Ginger, (plus more). Beetroot is thought to reap benefits like: improved mood, weight-loss, less inflammation (pain in joints), skin health, detoxification of the body, cholesterol improvement, and more. 

You can visibly tell the Fruits & Veggies Whole Food formula is extremely diverse and seems to be much more concentrated. Take note also that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food has included beet root, which its many competitors have left out. This takes it levels above the competition. 

Lastly, maybe our favorite, is that the serving size is a realistic 2 capsules only - compared to Balance of Nature, who's serving size is a whopping 6 capsules....who has time for that!? 

When you combine this with the fact that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is much less expensive it made this comparison an easy one. We also have a coupon link to the manufacturers direct website for a discounted bottle, but we can't guarantee that it's still working (please do not email us if the link is dead, it's best to get it while it's active)
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