C- Rating

3. Primal Plants

by Gundry MD

  • Easy to Use -----9/10
  • Value -----6/10
  • Affordable -----4/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----8/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results-----6/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----5/10


  • Available Online
  • ​USA Made 


  • Flavor
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Primal Plants takes our third choice for a few reasons. 

This product has a "plants" blend...but not much of it. This product has a good taste, however it is the sole flavor of green apple. We believe any quality product should taste good, but not be so sweet that it actually increases your sugar cravings!

Unlike the first 2, which are capsules, this "plants" blend is a powder. It takes only seconds to mix up, which is convenient. 

A main con we had with this product is the price point. You pay a whopping $99 for a 30 day supply, expensive-just like our number 2 choice. This is a little outrageous to us, as that is extremely expensive!

Although Gundry is well known in the world of health products, in comparison to our top pick this product is lacking some key components.

The product is just too expensive when compared to our number one pick. If it's going to cost more money, it should have more to offer in the overall makeup of the "whole food" blend when compared to other brands.
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