Can This Really Boost Your Energy & Support Your Overall Body Function!?
*spoiler alert: the answer is a surprising for the product that won this comparison and our columnist Rachel plans on purchasing more!
Leading experts agree natural ingredients are powerful enough to"boost" your energy, naturally!!
Whole Food Nutrition - and more specifically, naturally boosting energy has become a new sensation of discussion in the medical field and it's news has spread across social media and other outlets... and rightfully so. To imagine having more energy all because you counter-balance little molecules in your body with some natural ingredients sounds far fetched. So how much truth is there to these claims?

Well a few reputable companies have spent the time and money developing supplements that have gained a lot of traction in this area, and we decided to put them to the test so you don't have to.

We compared the top 3 products designed for whole food nutrition, health and support for overall body function (including gut health). After comparing these products in-depth - we have listed the pros, the cons, and where to find the find the best price online. 

Our Top Choice for 2023: Energy Boosters

1. Fruits & Veggies

by: Earth Energy

A+ Rating

  • Easy to Use -----10/10
  • Value -----10/10
  • Affordable -----9.6/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----10/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results -----9.6/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----9.7/10


  • Price
  • Best Results
  • ​Clean and Pure ingredients
  • ​Multiple Powerhouse Ingredients
  • ​Supports Energy
  • ​Supports Gut Health
  • ​Supports Mental Clarity
  • ​​Friendly customer service
  • ​Only 2 Capsule Serving


  • Only available online 
  • ​Runs out of stock often

Bottom Line

Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is a top product designed to fight against tiredness and to support the immune system, naturally. It ranks number one on our list for several reasons. The most notable of which is it simply over delivered in every area imaginable when compared to the other brands in comparison.   

The Special formula of Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is the real key to its results. Not just because of it's all natural ingredients, but because of its "powerhouse blend" and use of super ingredients like BeetRoots, which we have only found in this particular blend. BeetRoot is a crucial ingredient due to it's ability to deliver you a nitric oxide boost, fight inflammation, detox the body, and can even boost skin health and mood, which is what you want from a whole food supplement. The end result is - you feel instant energy, you have provided powerful immune support, and even pain management compared to other brands-  you actually get more good ingredients (like beetroot), but in the proper "magic blend" to actually activate the beetroot... but more on that in a second. 

Our columnist Rachel, gave Fruits & Veggies Whole Food a full go while working from home (and trying to keep active) during this crazy Pandemic and was amazed at what she was feeling (and more specifically not feeling) in only two weeks! Rachel has never been big on "miracle" products with a lot of hype around them, so that makes her words on Fruits & Veggies Whole Food that much more impressive... "I have to admit, I never thought in a million years that some capsules full of fruits & vegetables or some 'power formula' would ever do a darn thing for a problem I've had for longer than I can remember - I've never been pleased to be wrong in my entire life." 

Now, back to the formula... At first, we were skeptical with the low dosage of only 2 capsules, but the results eventually spoke for themselves. We are not here to bash any other products but the price of the other two products are just ridiculous! The "power" factor here is that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food includes Beetroot AND Ginger, (plus more). Beetroot is thought to reap benefits like: improved mood, weight-loss, less inflammation (pain in joints), skin health, detoxification of the body, cholesterol improvement, and more. 

You can visibly tell the Fruits & Veggies Whole Food formula is extremely diverse and seems to be much more concentrated. Take note also that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food has included beet root, which its many competitors have left out. This takes it levels above the competition. 

Lastly, maybe our favorite, is that the serving size is a realistic 2 capsules only - compared to Balance of Nature, who's serving size is a whopping 6 capsules....who has time for that!? 

When you combine this with the fact that Fruits & Veggies Whole Food is much less expensive it made this comparison an easy one. We also have a coupon link to the manufacturers direct website for a discounted bottle, but we can't guarantee that it's still working (please do not email us if the link is dead, it's best to get it while it's active)
*Results are based on our system and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.
*This Special was active as of yesterday morning. Please do not email us if the link is inactive, so grab it before it's taken down.

2. Balance of Nature

by Balance of Nature

B+ Rating

  • Easy to Use -----7/10
  • Value -----7/10
  • Affordable -----4/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----8/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results -----8/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----8/10


  • Available online
  • ​Well known


  • ​Very expensive
  • ​Large Serving Size at 6 daily capsules
  • ​Contains Soy
  • ​Lower levels of key ingredients

Bottom Line

Balance of Nature, Fruits & Veggies takes second place in our ranking. It may be well known in the market, but it lands second on our list for several reasons.

With our research on this product, we found these important key differences from our number 1 pick.

The first, the serving size is insane! Users are directed to take 3 capsules of EACH bottle, DAILY! That means you are taking 6 capsules daily, from 2 different bottles!! 

When companies make fruit and vegetable supplements, you need to make sure they haven't "filled" most of the supplement with cheaper "filler" products like soy. Now, they state that they don't use "fillers", but that doesn't mean that they haven't used cheaper, less nutritional ingredients to "fill" the product. 

Speaking of fillers, Balance of Nature has included soy in their ingredients...something we are questioning considering the fact that soy is really not the best for you! Soy would be better left out of the blend.

They have included an extensive list of "good" ingredients, but it's misleading and difficult to know what you're actually getting of each ingredient. 

Also, it is ridiculously expensive at $89.95 for a 30-day supply and NO money back guarantee, which our number 1 pick Fruits & Veggies does include (a 60 day money back guarantee, actually!) The price should reflect the quality of ingredients...and this blend is missing the potency of key ingredients that our number one pick has. 

We believe you shouldn't spend more money for a product, just because.

In our opinion, Balance of Nature falls way too short in many categories to be considered.

A "whole foods" supplement should pack a punch of quality ingredients in every serving for a reasonable price and this one falls completely short from our number 1 pick.

3. Primal Plants

by GundryMd

C- Rating

  • Easy to Use -----10/10
  • Value -----6/10
  • Affordable -----4/10
  • ​Clearly Labeled Ingredients -----8/10
  • ​Available Online -----10/10
  • ​Results -----6/10
  • ​Quality of Product -----5/10


  • USA made
  • Available online


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Flavor

Bottom Line

Primal Plants takes our third choice for a few reasons. 

This product has a "plants" blend...but not much of it. This product has a good taste, however it is the sole flavor of green apple. We believe any quality product should taste good, but not be so sweet that it actually increases your sugar cravings!

Unlike the first 2, which are capsules, this "plants" blend is a powder. It takes only seconds to mix up, which is convenient. 

A main con we had with this product is the price point. You pay a whopping $99 for a 30 day supply, expensive-just like our number 2 choice. This is a little outrageous to us, as that is extremely expensive!

Although Gundry is well known in the world of health products, in comparison to our top pick this product is lacking some key components.

The product is just too expensive when compared to our number one pick. If it's going to cost more money, it should have more to offer in the overall makeup of the "whole food" blend when compared to other brands.
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